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Posted on November 6, 2023 5:03 pm
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Bad home environment
This is not a real scenario, just a genuine question I have.
How would you go about helping a student who has a bad home life? For example, when the student shows up in the same clothes, missing some supplies, always hungry or tired, etc. When would you as the teacher intervene and help the student?
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Posted November 25, 2023 8:28 pm

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This is such a great question because I have never had to deal with wearing the same clothes. However, I have had students hungry all the time and not having school supplies. I always have extra supplies and snacks in my desk and I would offer them. Obviously, you cannot do this for every student but if there are one or two, I don't see how this can be harmful. Children don't like to be exposed in that way, so I would always offer snacks quietly and give supplies without anyone knowing. I would pull the student aside and just come up with a plan for snacks. If they didn't have breakfast, maybe you could come up with a code word so that none of the other students know what is going on. This seems sneaky but it is for the best of the child. It is our job to take care of our children's welfare first among anything.
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