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Posted on November 6, 2023 6:32 pm
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Classroom layout
What is the most effective layout for a classroom of 4th graders? Are groups of 4 with assigned team names a good idea? I'm going to be a teacher in a couple of years so I would like to hear real examples of how teachers effectively layout their classrooms. What are the best arrangements for a class?
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Posted November 19, 2023 2:54 am

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It depends on their age-ranges. Research shows that 8 year olds really love group work and thrive in that environment, so the idea you had with team names would work great! They do, however, tend to start to get “cliquey” around this age so I would keep an eye out for that. As they start to progress through the year, you may seem some dynamic changes socially, where they want to work more closely with partners and thrive more that way.
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You should first establish classroom rules or “Teacher Values”. Fourth graders should are pretty much familiar with what expectations look like, however it is not a bad idea to have a guide for them to begin establishing them at the beginning of the year. Discuss them often and you could possibly have them come up with those rules and sign them.

Establish a morning routine based on the students in your classroom for organizational purposes. Set daily student jobs or duties with weekly rewards.

Think about how you would like to set up your classroom tables in groups and the space needed for everyone including other staff, volunteers, and parents to walk freely. Rearrange it based on the materials, behavior, and what works for you throughout the year.

Create a safe and welcoming environment for students of all ethnicities and social backgrounds.

Organize with plenty of shelves and plenty of organization containers. Please don’t stuff your shelves. Label them for students to know what area they will need to engage in while learning. Also, easy access to materials.

VISUALS ARE A MUST!!! Post the necessary learning posters, creations, and anchor charts around the room for students to see. Include author’s purpose, point of view, theme, genre, ect…for reading skills, writing skills, history pictures, add mathematics, and any other information you feel the kids will need.

Maybe a motivational quote or something positive for students daily to see just in case they need encouragement or support.

Create a parent communication log, student self-assessment for specific assignments, and what am I missing forms? For students that may need additional help.

Student binders or planners to track homework or assignments.

A wireless bell or some communication for you to get the students’ attention during small group or large group activities.

Remember don’t stress too much and try to have fun when setting up your fourth-grade classroom.
  Posted on: November 25, 2023 11:20 pm

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