Lesson Plan Generator

Generate daily, weekly, and unit lesson plans aligned with curriculum goals.

K-12 Curriculum Quiz Maker

Design quizzes that align with the K-12 curriculum and learning objectives.

Assignment Feedback

Submit your assignment along with the rubric to receive feedback.

Mistake-Based Assignment Creator

Generate assignments with intentional errors for students to identify and correct.

Text Proofreader

Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and add clarity to any text.

Extracurricular Activity

Propose non-academic activities to foster holistic student development.

Science Experiment Generator

Create creative and safe science experiments for the classroom.

Lexile Score Adjuster

Generate a similar text at a higher or lower Lexile score.

Text Translator

Take any text and translate it into any language instantly.

5E Model Lesson Plan Generator

Create daily, weekly, and unit 5e model lesson plans aligned with goals.

Worksheet Generator

Generate a worksheet for your lessons on any topic and grade level.

Lesson Style Assessment

Assess students' learning styles and create tailored support strategies.

Vocabulary Builder

Generate exercises & activities to expand students' vocabulary.

Phonics & Reading Comprehension Coach

Create phonics exercises & reading tasks for specific grades.

Cultural Awareness Activity Planner

Develop cultural awareness activities to promote understanding.

STEM Project Designer

Generate ideas & plans for STEM projects to guide student inquiry.

Generate a Classroom Climate Survey

Design a classroom climate survey about students' perceptions.

Daily Warm-Up Activity Generator

Create daily warm-up activities reviewing previous material.

Critical Thinking Exercise Generator

Design critical thinking exercises that challenge students.

Formative Assessment Generator

Create various formative assessments to monitor understanding.

Group Work Idea Generator

Create group work activities based on grade level and subject.

Essay Evaluator

Critically assess student essays, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

Text Summarizer

Condense lengthy texts into concise, informative summaries.

Rubric Generator

Design clear and structured grading criteria for assignments.

Student Behavior Analysis

Evaluate student behaviors to provide insights into classroom dynamics.

FTCE Question Generator

Tailor practice quizzes to prepare for the Florida Teacher Certification.

SAT Exam Question Generator

Provide customized quizzes to enhance SAT readiness.

ACT Exam Question Generator

Craft practice questions for the ACT exam.

TOEFL Exam Question Generator

Generate targeted quizzes for TOEFL preparation.

FELE Question Generator

Tailor practice quizzes for the Florida Educational Leadership Examinations.

Classroom Case Generator

Provide detailed classroom case studies to simulate challenges.

Classroom Case Solver

Users contribute classroom dilemmas while the AI provides solutions.

Professional Development Plan

Roadmap for educators to enhance their skills and competencies.

Teacher CV Checker

Review and provide feedback on educators' CVs.

Teacher Cover Letter

Guide educators in crafting compelling cover letters.

Teaching Job Interview

Preparation tool with insights and practice questions for teaching job interviews.

Write Reference Letter

Draft professional and persuasive reference letters.

Academic Blog Post Generator

Craft engaging blog content on academic subjects.

PowerPoint Outline Generator

Draft a structured outline for your PowerPoint presentations.

Write an Email in Multiple Languages

Generate a professional email and translate it into multiple languages.

Book Summary & Review

Enter a book title to generate a summary and review.

Write a Multi-Language Email Response

Generate a professional email response and translate it into multiple languages.

Word of the Day (Weekly)

Create a weekly poster that define the words, provide their meaning, and show their usage in a sentence.

Quote of the Day Activity

Create a a quote of the day activity along with your grade level and subject area.

Peer Teaching Evaluation

Highlight a peer faculty's strengths and provide actionable improvement suggestions from teaching observations.

ESOL Lesson Modifications

Adapts instructional approaches to meet the unique requirements of English Language Learners.

ESE Lesson Modifications

Tailors lesson content and delivery methods to accommodate students with exceptionalities and special needs.

Inclusive Accommodation Planner

Design and customize accommodations for students, ensuring inclusivity and support for diverse learning needs in the classroom.

Behavior Intervention Plan Generator

Detailed plan to help a student who is struggling to behave in class.